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Christmas Tree Rentals

We Delivery it...

Whether itís a 6ft red and gold artificial or a 25ft live ECO Tree tree.

We decorate, deliver and install.

We Remove it...

We take the hassle out of Christmas by removing your tree. All part of the service.

Our cover all service includes no extra charges for parcels, lights around the tree and electrical extension leads.
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Remove the stress and hire a Christmas tree!
With Christmas time getting closer and closer it is the perfect time to start thinking about your festive displays and Christmas trees. A lot of businesses bring out the same old tired displays year after year and this may not give a good impression for their customers and staff. So what's the option; well you can go out and buy a tree, some decorations and a few baubles but then you have to get someone to put it up and look after it otherwise it may get unkempt and shabby. More and more forward thinking businesses are choosing to rent a Christmas tree.

How do I ensure that my Christmas tree display is always looking its best?
Once set up we will regularly maintain the display, if needed, to ensure it is always looking its best and then we will collect and remove everything at the end of the festive period.

Why would you buy when you can rent?
So you have decided that you business premises need cheering up at Christmas, you just have to find a tree and somewhere to place it then decide how best to decorate it. Next you must remember to take it down at the right time, clean up and store everything away for next year.

Everyone loves Christmas but who really has the time and, let’s face it the inclination, to organise a Christmas tree display using time that can almost certainly be better spent elsewhere. So what’s the answer? What is an easier, less time-consuming way of ensuring your Christmas tree display lights up your premises and brings a smile to your customers’ faces when they come in? The answer is of course to rent.

A lot of people don’t know how easy it is to rent a Christmas tree display. Well you can and what’s more it is hassle free and the display you get is very professional. A skilled interior landscaper will set up your display when it is convenient to you and your business and ensure that the display sets off your premises to the best effect with the minimum of fuss.